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Exploring Indigenous Cultures in Latin America, Saturday 20 July, 7pm at the Box Hill Community Arts Centre

Updated: Jul 18

Some of us have just celebrated "We-TripAntü" others "Inti Raymi", two profound Mid Winter festivities marking the return of the sun. If you would like to learn about this and more, please keep the date for this special evening. You will have the opportunity to learn about First Nations in Latin America today.

The evening will be filled with ancestral knowledge: a fascinating talk by Chilean rural professor Dr. Fernando Verdugo, Director OH Regional Assessment, mesmerising Andean music by "duo Andino" (Giovanni Riveros and John Paul Pincheira) and indigenous foods from the Americas (for some First Nation people Abya Yala) by chef Salvador Jose Rodriguez.

Please note:

The image above depicts a traditional pre-Columbian corn parcel dish called Tamales, which won't be served Saturday

The talk by Dr. Verdugo will unveil three 'myths" that reside in the collective imagination of modern societies. It is a provocation to challenge established ideas and an invitation to engage in an open conversation about the 'other stories' never told by the Western world, from the perspective of Latin American scientist and Indigenous First Nations (Latin America).

Savoury menu: Aji de pollo (traditional Andean chicken stew preparation) served with potatoes, Andean spices and quinoa pisto.

Sweet platter: Picarones (Andean doughnuts), chicha morada (Andean blue corn jelly and Peruvian chocolate truffle)

Amazing raffle prizes!


Members $35 | Non Members $40 | Students $30 | Children (5-12) $25


BSB 033050 Acc 143190 Please reference: 'Your surname telephone number July’. E.g. :Smith 0444 444 444 July


RSVP full payment, accessibility & dietary requirements by Tuesday 16 July. 

We encourage you to BYO any preferred drinks (including alcoholic). 


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